Grande Pizza has something for everyone, whether you've come to South Florida from New Jersey or New York City where good pizza is king, or a small town dominated by a few national chain restaurants.

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Who needs a boost with the fundraising effort? We want to help!

Plan a night! Pick a night and have one of our participating locations host your event for your supporters! At the end of the night, Grande Pizza will donate 15% of your total sales back to your cause. Now that's true happiness!


To Grande Pizza

Many people looking for great pizza in South Florida will aim for family-oriented establishments, rather than tired old chain restaurants filled with noisy video games and menus that haven’t changed considerably in decades. Instead, they want quiet but friendly restaurants that serve quality food ...

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Lunch Specials: 11-3pm

1 Slice & Fountain Soda $5.00
2 Slice & Fountain Soda $6.00

1 Slice,Soup or Salad & Fountain Soda $6.00
Sub of the day, Chips & Fountain Soda
Stromboli,Calzone or Pepperoni Roll & Fountain Soda
Pasta of the day, Garlic Rolls & Fountain Soda

No matter how you like your crust, what topping or sauces you prefer, or the kind of dining atmosphere you find most comfortable, you’ll find great pizza just a phone call or a short drive away.

Since 2011


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